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An ecosystem is much like a jigsaw puzzle and some special spots are only reserved for special women.

Are you an Expert in any field which might be of interest to a woman?

Let your expertise spread it's glory

Let clients in near by localities find you and access your services.

Let clients develop trust and long lasting relationship with you.


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  • Display your knowledge and expertise by posting blogs/Vlogs on Blogger's Park
  • Respond to Queries on Forum.
  • Create your store on Mandi and display your products/services.

To be an Expert on PinkDesk

Earn the title by earning score on your displayed knowledge.

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All we ask for is

  • Posting a minimum of 5 blogs/vlogs on Blogger's Park monthly.
  • Answering a minimum of 30 queries on Forum monthly.

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An ecosystem designed exclusively to connect and empower women where women can share ideas, interests or problems, learn, earn money and get access to many more rewarding opportunities aimed at their growth and upliftment. If this does strike a chord with you then do take a look at our guidelines to get to know our ideology and your scope of opportunities in much detail.

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