21Days Lockdown

21Days Lockdown will decide the future of World now. Future of many other countries will depend upon our self discipline during this pandemic time .

Let us be responsible citizens ,let us abide by the rules and help government in helping us.Let us help less privileged and our domestic help to survive safely during this time.

Points emphasised in address of P.M. for the nation:

1. Today from 12p.m. to next 21days complete lock down of entire country otherwise we will be 21years back.It can be fatal for many families .

2. There is complete restriction on going out of your house.Your every step may bring the risk of 'Corona'.Only essential service providers are allowed to go out for the duty towards nation.

3. It is more than 'Janta Curfew 'and more like complete curfew.

4. Be prepared and patient for this economic state to save nation and lives.

5. This is needed to break the chain of spread of this infection.

6. CoRoNa is a message interpreted by one citizen "??? ?? ??? ?? ? ????? ",we should also follow this interpretation.

7. We must stay at home for all those also who are in essential services and are working tirelessly to prevent us.

8. Essential commodities will continue in supply.Be patient and cooperate.All essential services are open for all.

9. Poor will also be looked after.All state governments have been instructed to work towards this direction.

10. Avoid spreading rumours and fake news and messages .It is more harmful than 'corona.'

11 . Do not take treatment from anyone other than qualified doctors.Help government to prevent Corona by informing in time about your illnesses .

12.Rupees 15000 crores earmarked for corona related medical research and care.All country men will be helped by the govt.

India has always survived difficult times.

Together We Can.

-Dr.Pragya Kaushik

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