3 Feet Of Healthy Long Hair In Just 6 Months! Homemade Herbal Hair Oil Preparation

Your hair will grow long, thick & strong within a month and you will see extraordinary results in just 6 months.

Dandruff is one of the main reasons for hair fall. So first we need to keep our hair dandruff free. Chemicals in the shampoo just wash out dandruff which is on the roots of the hair but it keeps on reoccurring. So the best way to get rid of it by using the permanent solution by using homemade techniques. Only if dandruff goes, then the growth of hair will be good. 

So the things needed to prepare the homemade oil are as follows - 

1 liter of pure cold-pressed coconut oil 

10 big Amla 

2 fist full of fresh karvepak(curry leaves) 

4 big onions or 30 small onion 

30-40 dry hibiscus (Sembaruthi poo in Tamil) flower 

20 Evion capsules (Power 400) – Vitamin E capsule 


Remove the seed of the amla. Grind it in mixie. Add the curry leaves along with the mixture of amla and grind these leaves in mixie. Add onion along with the mixture of amla and curry leaves and grind again. 

Take a vessel (preferably an Iron (loha) Kadai) & pour half a liter of coconut oil in it. And along with it add the above mixture which we ground in the mixie. 

Stir it and close the lid and keep the Kadai in low flame for 15 minutes. Then remove the lid and keep on stirring the oil for another 15 minutes. The mixture will turn dark brown in color. And there will not be any moisture in it. 

Keep the Kadai closed using a good cotton cloth and keep the Kadai aside for the next 2 days and let it rest. After 2days take the mixture and strain it using a strainer and you'll see the herbal oil is now ready. Along with this oil, add another half a liter of pure coconut oil. 

Add 30-40 dry hibiscus flowers along with the mixture. (Do not take the hibiscus flower which is soaked in the oil and let it soak in the oil completely). Take 20 Evion 400 capsules and cut it using a scissor and mix the liquid of the capsules along with the preparation of herbal oil. This helps in hair growth. 

Transfer this oil in a bottle and start applying it on a daily basis. Only if this is applied on a daily basis you can see the results very soon. You can even apply this oil and leave it overnight and then wash off your hair the next day. 

I have been following this technique for the past 6 months and there has been a tremendous change in my hair. It’s long, black and very healthy now. 

Dear Friends

Please read my blog “On the way from bald to lustrous shiny black hair” and understand more about hair growth and about the cleansing of the internal body system. For a tree to grow healthy, we should water it daily and also the roots of it should be in good rich soil. Only if the soil is good, the growth of the tree will be good. The same applies to our bodies. The more our hair receives good nutrition from our body the more it will grow healthy. 

For more information on this, to see the preparation of this oil in youtube – type as “ask Jhansi hair oil” or click the link - https://youtu.be/Mhz780mWXE0 (My sincere thanks to Suhaina Mazhar madam for letting me post the link of this oil preparation)

This video is in Tamil and has the step by step preparation of this oil. Even if you don’t understand Tamil, you might get some idea about this preparation of this by seeing the video. 

I am now ready with my new blog "Coconut - God's gift to the Human". It will be published shortly. So follow me to know more about it and have a nice day! 

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